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On this website I’d like to inform you about my guided tours in Munich and Bavaria. Also read some reviews what my guests said about being on a tour with me. Very nice. Down below you’d find my phone number and mail address. I’d be happy to hear from you.

See you here  – on tour.

Tobias Röckl
Tour Guide with the Licence to guide

So that you see Munich’s best parts.

Of course, beer belongs to Munich like holy water to a church. And the pretzel. And sure, the Frauenkirche too. But let me add some other beautiful corners and some Bavarian history, spiced up with weird anecdotes – then you’d have really something to tell at home. And always be sure: you’d be educated afterwards. At least.

What my guest said after a tour with me is the following:

“The tour was just great, not least because of our likable and qualified guide Tobias.”

“Tobias is a humorous and very likable guy and you can feel that he loves his job.”

“Charming, witty, all knowing.”

“A guided tour that couldn’t have been more beautiful, interesting, vital and informative. What we all experienced! Historical backgrounds, facts and figures, stories and anecdotes. More than 90 minutes and even more thrilling than a mystery story.”

“Great guy.”

“Best walking tour we ever did.”

“If we do a guided tour in Munich again, only with Tobias Röckl.”

“It was such a spirited and diverting tour. Never tiring. Tobias is a tour guide with heart and soul.”

“I’ve done quite a bit of guided walking tours in the whole world. Tobias’ is one of the very best I ever took part. His way how he explained everything, how he interacted with us, everything was just beautiful, good, perfect – outstanding!!! Never boring, the whole tour entertaining. In no time it was over (sadly). I gonna recommend him to every one I know. If a guided tour in Munich, then only one with Tobias Röckl.”

“We just want to say thank you for that sensational saturday that’ll go down in our family’s history. Everyone was talking until sunday evening about this unique tramway tour. You made it an one-of-a-kind experience!”

All that beautiful laud warms my soul better than a double shot. Thank you, all you lovely people!

About me

If one is interested in history, culture, art, politics, society and culinary he would not always become a tour guide. Sometimes he becomes a journalist. Or a novel writer. Or he inherits a lot of money and doesn’t have to work anymore. Or he dies early. If one dies early he surely would not worry anymore about his career.

My career as a tour guide was not looming large on my life’s horizon. Actually, it was not looming at all. But don’t you think this is getting too private here for a website? Only this briefly: Sometimes life has baited me with a red herring. But every time I was smarter. I’m quiet sure.

What I’m sure without a doubt: I just love my life as a tour guide. And I’m out on fresh air every day.

But why don’t you just come on tour with me and see for yourself!